Auburn’s Premier Destination for Toyota Repairs

Top Quality Toyota Repair by ASE Certified Technicians

Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic has the upper hand in providing Auburn and the surrounding areas with the best Toyota repair services since 1991. Toyotas are noted for being supremely reliable cars of Japanese design. They used to be imported directly from Japan, but are now assembled in the United States. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic is accustomed to performing a large variety of repairs and services to your Toyota vehicle.

Our team of ASE certified technicians and ATI certified repair technicians have over 65 years of combined experience in taking pride to service your vehicle and are experienced with all varieties of repairs related specifically to Toyota. Dave’s Valley harnesses such skill, wisdom, and honesty, that we will have your Toyota rolling in no time.

Our honest, courteous staff members are happy to work with you to answer all of your questions and work within your budget. Bring your Audi to Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic for oil changes, tune ups, maintenance inspections, and general repair. We take pride in ensuring that all repairs all performed correctly the first time. We offer one of the best warranties in the industry, a 24 month/24,000 mile auto repair warranty. With a warranty like this, you can be confident in all of our repairs. Just like Toyota, Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic takes you places.