When Does Maintenancing Turn to Servicing?

Unarguably, the most asked question about automotive electrical systems are the red flags to watch for that denote a deeper problem. While many car shops will brush off this question by telling you that regular maintenance is all you need to stave off that issue, we believe that knowledge is critical. Several red flags can indicate a need for servicing your vehicle’s electrical needs, and many are based on what you see and hear. If your dashboard lights flicker on and off, that may be a sign of a deeper issue. If your car makes grinding or clicking sounds before start-up, that could also signal an underlying problem. No electrical repair situation is too great for our ASE-certified technicians, so don’t hesitate to come to see us at 4725 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA 98002 with any questions and concerns you may have!

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We pride ourselves in being able to work on and fix all types of cars, both foreign and domestic. The performance of a vehicle is critical to us because not only does it provide proof that you can trust our work, but it keeps you safe on the road. As the standard-setting automotive shop for the past thirty years, we set the record straight when it comes to how vehicles and their owners should be treated. Respect is paramount to customer comfortability. When you feel comfortable communicating with us, we can provide for your vehicle further. Then, when you strike up that beautiful engine effortlessly, you’re reminded of the quality care we give here at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, WA. Give us a call today at (253) 850-1538 to get your car in for all your electrical system maintenance and repair needs! We promise you won’t want to go anywhere else after taking a chance on the most trusted automotive maintenance shop in King County.

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