Check Engine Light Service in Auburn, WA

Is Your Dashboard Alert Still On?--Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Driving with a check engine light is a good way to cause extensive damages to your vehicle. This early alert is meant to notify you early enough to get down to Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic for an accurate diagnosis. Most of us have been there before. You’re driving down the highway and out-of-nowhere the dashboard lights up. The check engine light comes on and won’t go away until you give it some attention. Typically, there are no other warning signs–engine noises, smoke under the hood, strange smells, etc.–to accompany the check engine light. This will lead motorists to assume that the light is not serious. Or they may think they have plenty of time to get their vehicle checked out. This is often a mistake that busy motorists will make. While the check engine light should not be a cause for panic, it also should not be ignored. Make Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic your next stop, or your next call, after you notice the check engine light alert.

Find Out the Truth From Us!

It is possible that the trigger for your check engine light could be something as insignificant as a loose gas cap. We actually hope it’s nothing more than that. You can pull over at the closest gas station and fix that yourself. However, you should also feel free to stop by our facility to let our experts tighten the gas cap for you. We don’t even charge for this service! This is a best-case scenario. But if you continue driving without getting professional attention, there’s no telling how much damage you could be doing to other components. What often happens to the engine is one repair need is neglected and this causes a second and third repair need. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic wants you to avoid extensive damages. Our ASE Certified technicians use the most advanced engine diagnostic equipment to solve check engine light mysteries. It’s vital that you give your engine the best chance at continuing its quality performance by being proactive. Let us keep you on the road and at peak performance.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service!

Bring your vehicle to the experts at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic! That check engine light is nothing to be afraid of. Our team and our sophisticated tools will eliminate all your concerns. No need to continue driving with that annoying little light staring you in the face. At the very least, the questions about why will weigh heavily on your mind. Let us return you to safe, confident, and worry-free road travel today. Our facility has decades of experience putting vehicles back into tip-top shape and eliminating all check engine light concerns. Give us a call today at (253) 850-1538 to schedule your check engine light repair service. Next time you’re in the area with a check engine light, please feel free to stop by. Our service experts will take care of it for you and make sure your vehicle’s in optimal condition.