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Guaranteed Auto Repairs–2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty

Welcome to the best King County has to offer its vehicles and their drivers. We’ve been sharing our service expertise throughout this area for 26 years. Ask around about us if you haven’t heard, and you’ll find that our reputation for quality auto services precedes us. We understand we’re not just here for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, we’re here for YOU. Fixing a vehicle means nothing if the person behind the wheel is not satisfied or feels mistreated. We count that as a loss because customers rarely come back to a shop that doesn’t make the auto repair experience quick, stress-free, and affordable.

And we want you to trust us for any maintenance or repair needs that you might have. As much as we enjoy your company, we know we do our jobs well, and that means you’ll be spending more time on the road than at our shop. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, WA believes in finding the cure for whatever ails your engine, not just putting a “band-aid” on it. Our most dedicated customers are in the fast lane right now because they allowed us to perform timely and necessary maintenance services. Today’s tune-up is key to saving you money down the road. Let our team show you the way optimal engine performance and longevity.

All Makes & Models

Our ASE Certified technicians are prepared to handle any vehicle you bring to us. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic techs are well-trained and experienced with all makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic. When you come to us for quality auto service, you can trust that your vehicle is receiving that and much more. We take your vehicle’s overall performance very seriously, and we want you to have quality road travel for years to come. We’re not just a full-service repair shop with a team of expert technicians, but we’re also the friendliest bunch of mechanics you’ll ever meet. The auto repair process is stressful enough without impersonal or rude mechanics. Some customers find it hard to trust mechanics because they believe they’ve been taken advantage of. The team at Dave’s Valley is here to set the record straight and provide quality auto service that enhances every driving experience. Actually, we’ve been the standard-bearer for the Auburn area for 26 years. Every time you turn on your vehicle’s ignition, it’ll remind you that we’ve done our job, and that we have your back! As much as we like to see you drive up to our shop, we love to see your vehicle drive away in better condition than when you arrived!

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