Manage Rising Fleet Costs in A Tough Economy with These 9 Tips

Being Proactive Is Key to Successful Fleet Services

Increasing costs, labor shortages, supply chain issues, and an uncertain economy are all huge hurdles for today’s business owners. As the premiere fleet service provider in Auburn, Washington, and surrounding communities, including Kent and Federal Way, we often hear the following question asked, “How can I manage rising fleet costs in today’s economy?” It’s a big concern for many businesses of all sizes. The expert team at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic came up with a list of nine tips to help fleet service managers. The biggest takeaway, be proactive!

9 Cost Saving Tips For Fleet Services

1. Evaluate idle vehicles: Fleets typically have between 1-3% idle vehicles. Assess those idle vehicles and determine if any can be shipped to auction, redeployed to another segment of your business, or you can do a sale-leaseback of non-leased assets.

2. Purchasing, contract, or leasing: One of the first considerations when it comes to fleet management is purchasing costs. If you choose to purchase your fleet, you maintain full control but also assume depreciation and scrap value. It’s worth doing a cost-benefit analysis of purchasing, contracting, or leasing vehicles to see where money can be saved.

3. Most efficient routes: With rising gas prices, every penny counts. Identify the most efficient driving routes to avoid wasted fuel and employee time. Things like eliminating toll roads don’t seem like much until you multiply it.

4. Order early: Place factory orders early to secure your production slot. Labor shortages, supply chain issues, and COVID-19 ripple effects are plaguing manufacturers.

5. Other cost savings: Look for areas to minimize costs. Ask drivers for their ideas.

6. Audits: Conduct an audit of tools and equipment to help lighten the load for heavy-duty trucks and other fleet vehicles. This helps with fuel savings.

7. Fleet policies and processes: Review your policies and procedures. Ensure your drivers have the necessary skills and are practicing safe driving. You can also look at installing new equipment to encourage safer driving. These types of activities will help reduce accidents, repair services, and insurance premiums.

8. Insurance costs: When it comes to fleet services, insurance coverage is an ongoing cost that fluctuates. Insurance categories are calculated based on the type of vehicle, emissions, age, and other preset markers. Get a few quotes and make sure your fleet is categorized correctly.

9. Preventative maintenance: Working with a fleet services provider like Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic ensures timely, quality, and cost-effective maintenance services that will keep you out of the shop and on the road. Preventative maintenance services, including oil changes, tune-ups, engine performance checks, and brake inspections, are the best way to keep your fleet running their best.

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