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The only way to know why the dashboard light was triggered is to bring it into a shop and have it hooked up to diagnostic equipment. Luckily, we keep our machinery up-to-date to get you the most accurate diagnosis. From a faulty mass airflow sensor to multiple trouble codes being thrown at once, it takes expert equipment to obtain a full-spectrum picture as to what’s going on. A faulty EGR valve that fails to close and open may illuminate your check engine light when your vehicle’s computer detects an issue. Your vehicle’s onboard computer system is one electrical component that could fail and cause a check engine light or if you just refueled your vehicle you may notice the light comes on with a rough running engine. This could be due to a stuck open purge valve. Don’t risk being trapped on the side of the road because you ignored that little red light. Neglecting a minor repair, such as a bad O2 sensor, can lead to more extensive and more expensive repairs that may become necessary. But, our ASE-certified master technicians have access to some of the most advanced engine diagnostic equipment on the market to date. Give your car the best quality of life possible and come down to Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic whenever that CEL comes on. Let us keep your vehicle at peak performance!

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Let the experts at Dave’s get you back on the road with a safe and fully-maintenance engine. We won’t rest until that check engine light has turned off for good. No matter the number of trouble codes or work involved for us, we always keep your well-being and pocketbook at the front of our minds. With reasonable pricing, a 3 Year/36,000 warranty on our work, and comfortable customer service to ease your worries, what better place to bring your car when it needs some tender loving care? Give us a call today at (253) 850-1538, schedule an appointment online, or come right in and talk with a technician face-to-face at 4725 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA 98002 today! Our technicians won’t stop until your vehicle is safe for you and your family to drive.

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