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Every diesel vehicle owner knows that this kind of engine shouldn’t be treated like every other vehicle. While maintenance will occur on your engine at longer intervals than most would expect, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a specialized technician. Maintenance is getting more complex in these vehicles with electronic systems, but our mechanics are up for the challenge. We have the tools and technology to keep your diesel running, whether it’s working on a Duramax transfer case, or keeping your diesel engine at full capacity with filters, fluids, and regular maintenance. We here at Dave’s take pride in providing our customers with the most advanced technologies on the marketplace and the best diesel repairs. Not only do we provide the highest quality diesel engine components for parts replacements, but we understand the value and intricacies of lubrication in an engine such as these. From correctly diagnosing and repairing everything from oil oxidation to wrong weight viscosity, our master technicians will hand your diesel engine back over to you in better condition than when you first checked it in. Plus, our repairs are backed by a 3 Year/36,000 warranty.

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With our expert maintenance and diesel repair services, we know that your diesel engine vehicle should not be entrusted with just anyone. Things such as water and fuel contamination require a steady hand and a trained skill set in order to repair. Here at Dave’s, we make it a requirement for all of our ASE-certified technicians to stay up-to-date on manufacturer recommendations, vehicular laws within the state, and improved parts and components that can all aid in the health of your diesel engine. Simply put, we have the skills to return your diesel to its original condition, if that is what you seek. Contact us at (253) 850-1538 to schedule your next diesel maintenance or repair! We are located at 4725 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA 98002, and our expert staff is available to you, whether you schedule an appointment or walk in to see us.

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