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There is no denying that a Ford driver is a hard-working individual. These vehicles are considered some of the most affordable luxury domestic cars on the market. As such, they require a special touch regarding their overall systems. While model-specific problems do exist, broader issues arise in Ford vehicles that can make for sticky situations. For instance, feeling vibrations when you depress the brake. That is usually indicative of warped rotors, a common problem in Ford vehicles after heavy wear and tear. Not only can our mechanics replace warped rotors effortlessly, but they train in resurfacing rotors qualifying that service to spare you from a larger expense.

Let the Trusted Experts of King County Service Your Ford

Here at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic, we repair many Ford vehicles a month. Why? Because those in our community understand the trusted quality of care they receive when coming through our doors. Whether you’re new in town and looking for a local shop or here on vacation and experiencing technical difficulties with your vehicle, our 30-plus years reputation speaks for itself. We don’t rest until your needs are met and your car is fixed to your liking. From jerking transmissions to spongy brakes to overheating engines, we repair Fords from top to bottom. Our specialized diagnostic equipment gives us the most accurate feedback on the market to date, which means our 3 Year/36,000 warranty works in tandem with our skillset. No matter where you lay your trust, be it word-of-mouth, warranty necessities, or skilled proof, we’ve got you covered. Call Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic of Auburn, WA, at (253) 850-1538 to tap into our wealth of knowledge for all of your Ford needs!

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