The Check Engine Light: Most Common Causes

What To Do When THAT Light Comes On

Few automotive issues frustrate drivers as much as the check engine light. As tempting as it is to ignore this warning, doing so can lead to serious damage to your vehicle and costly car repairs down the road. What are some reasons your light may come on? Dave's Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington, is here to give you five examples of the most common causes.

Loose Gas Cap

One of the simplest reasons that your car's check engine light may come on is that your gas cap is loose. Tightening the cap should get the light to turn off and prevent vapor leaks from the car's gas tank.

Old Ignition Coil

A bad ignition coil means that your engine cannot run, which can then trigger a check engine warning. High temperatures or advanced age can cause an ignition coil to malfunction, but a replacement should get everything back in working order.

Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensor

Broken oxygen sensors can cause a vehicle to inject the wrong amount of fuel into its engine, leading to lower mileage per gallon and causing the check engine light to illuminate. Get this issue fixed as soon as possible so your sensor can properly measure your car's oxygen.

Faulty Spark Plugs

It is common for spark plugs to go bad. When this happens, a car wastes gas and often has a lit check engine warning. Get your spark plugs changed to solve this problem as quickly and simply as possible.

Bad Catalytic Converter

If your check engine light is on, your exhaust is filled with oil or gas, and the engine is in need of repair, a new catalytic converter may be required to get your car back in shape. Not only will the check engine light be a worry of the past - but your vehicle will also run better than it did before the repairs.

Are you wondering where to turn with your check engine light concerns? If you can't seem to figure out what's wrong with your car, Dave's Valley Auto Clinic is here to help. Our experienced and dedicated team is committed to helping you get to the bottom of your check engine light's cause so you can address the issue before it snowballs into something bigger. Call us when you are ready to schedule your service appointment at our Auburn, Washington, location.

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