Three Signs Your Wheels are Misaligned

Wheel Impacts

Did you hop the curb on your last parking job? Or forget to avoid that enormous pothole? It’s okay, even the best drivers make simple mistakes or encounter unavoidable impacts on the road. It happens to everyone, especially when that pothole only seems to grow every day you drive by it! But even minor impacts such as these can throw off your wheel alignment by changing the position of the impacted wheel. If you notice changes in how your car handles, make the call to schedule your wheel alignment appointment at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic.

Drifting and Difficulty Steering

You are on a straight highway and with no traffic, it should be a blissful drive. Yet you feel like you are working hard to keep your car on the straight and narrow because it keeps pulling to one side. If you let it, your vehicle will drift in one direction. You might even notice that the steering wheel seems off-center or crooked, even though you are following the straight road ahead. This is a problem, driving shouldn’t be this hard! Difficulty steering and handling your car could mean the wheels are misaligned, such that they aren’t lined up to travel straight, as they should. Driving shouldn’t be a battle with your car’s steering! You can improve your driving experience and prevent further damages with a quick wheel alignment service.

Unusually Worn Tires

Tires wear out over time. It is an inevitable fact of vehicle operation. But sometimes tires wear unevenly or extremely rapidly. This is unusual and signals problems with the vehicle’s wheel alignment. Your tires and wheels are the first thing between the rest of the car and the road. When they aren’t lined up to meet the road at all the right angles, your tires will bear the consequences. That’s why the experts at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic use precision tools during wheel alignment to perfect the wheels’ positioning. If you find that the inner or outer part of the tire tread is more faded than the other, you likely need a wheel alignment.

Written by Developer Autoshop