Save Money and Time with Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes

Skipping Oil Changes Shortens the Life of Your Car

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, motor oil is the lifeblood. It keeps your engine running smoothly. As it circulates, motor oil helps lubricate components while dissipating heat away from the engine compartment. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle begins to wear down over time. Following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule when it comes to oil changes is key to extending the life of your vehicle, saving money and headaches.

What Happens When You Don’t Regularly Change Your Oil?

The best way of protecting your engine is through regular oil changes at a service center like Dave’s Auto Valley Clinic. But what happens when you disregard oil change services and keep driving? Your car won’t wear out at mile 5,001. However, without regular lube changes, our expert team warns the following three problems can occur:

  1. BAD: As motor oil moves through your car, it picks up dirt and debris along the way that gets pushed into the oil filter. As the time between oil change intervals increases, the motor oil becomes sludge. The engine will work harder, causing poor performance and increased fuel consumption.
  2. WORSE: The longer you allow dirty motor oil to circulate through the engine, the harder it is on the various components. Your engine will begin running too hot, and over time, the oil won’t lubricate the parts resulting in the failure of those parts.
  3. FAILURE: As time wears on, the lack of fresh, clean motor oil will damage more than just a part or two. It will result in complete engine failure, and you’ll find yourself stranded on the side of the road with some very costly repairs ahead, to the tune of replacing an engine or buying a new vehicle.

Schedule An Oil Change!

Bottom line, you may think you’re saving time and money by stretching out oil change intervals or avoiding an oil change altogether. The reality is that you could end up with big problems you don’t want down the road! At Dave’s Auto Valley Clinic, we recommend drivers in Auburn, Washington visit us for regular oil changes based on your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Call us at [as_phone] to schedule an appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our ASE-Certified technicians know whether your vehicle requires fully synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, or conventional oil, because we work on all vehicle makes and models. We’ll replace your old motor oil with new, top-quality quarts of oil, replace the oil filter, and provide a courtesy inspection. It doesn’t take long, and you’re welcome to wait while we service your vehicle. We’re here to help keep your car running at peak performance for miles to come!

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