Save Money and Time with Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes

Skipping Oil Changes Shortens the Life of Your Car If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, motor oil is the lifeblood. It keeps your engine running smoothly. As it circulates, motor oil helps lubricate components while dissipating heat away from the engine compartment. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle begins to wear down […]

The Different Types of Motor Oil

Regular car maintenance is the first step to ensuring that your vehicle always runs smoothly. However, one of the car maintenance routines that often falls between the cracks for automobile owners is routine oil changes. Whether it gets lost in the shuffle of life or it is just not something that you feel like doing, […]

Why You Need Oil Changes

Don’t Skip This Service! Do you want your car to last as long as possible? Get oil changes! While it really is that simple, we understand that smart vehicle owners want to know why their car needs certain services. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington is happy to answer that question. There are plenty […]

Four Signs You Need an Oil Change

Has Your Oil Gone Bad? You can think of engine oil like the lifeblood that keeps your car running and thriving. Without clean oil, your car and its performance may suffer or even fail. Breakdowns are a worst-case scenario for everyone, but luckily there is an easy way to avoid engine failure from dirty oil. […]