Why You Need Oil Changes

Don’t Skip This Service!

Do you want your car to last as long as possible? Get oil changes!

While it really is that simple, we understand that smart vehicle owners want to know why their car needs certain services. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington is happy to answer that question. There are plenty of reasons to follow through on recommended maintenance services for your car. Here are a few reasons why you should stick to a good oil change schedule!

They’re Required

If you read your owner’s manual, you’ll find a section on recommended maintenance, which details an ideal oil change schedule for your specific vehicle. It should also include information about what kind of motor oil is best for your engine. Basically, all of this means that your manufacturer expects you to keep up with oil changes to sustain the best level of performance from your car.

Motor Oil Gets Dirty

Your engine needs clean motor oil to run well and stay healthy. The oil serves a lot of purposes. It cleans away contaminants and grime, lubricates moving parts to prevent overheating, and prevents parts from wearing out from friction. But it can’t do any of this if it gets too dirty. Oil changes are necessary so that the new stuff can keep protecting the engine.

They Prevent Major Damage

Let’s say you don’t remove the dirty oil. What happens? It continues circulating throughout the engine, but it can no longer pick up the contaminants that inevitably find their way in. Instead, they build up on parts, causing damage that will eventually need repair. Once motor oil is really dirty, it can’t flow as easily, which can cause serious performance problems. Your engine might overheat and fail. Until you get the oil changed, you risk serious damage and face major repairs for your vehicle.

They Protect the Car’s Value

If protecting your car’s performance doesn’t motivate you to get regular oil changes, perhaps protecting your vehicle’s value will. If you want to get the most from your vehicle -- including resale value -- you’ll want to stay on top of routine maintenance to keep it in the best possible condition. Some drivers think the investment of oil changes and other maintenance items gets too expensive. We promise that the minor costs throughout your vehicle’s lifetime will be worth it when you don’t deal with major repairs and when you try to resell your vehicle!

Written by Developer Autoshop