Warrantied Work Gives You Peace of Mind

At Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic, we’re proud of our professional team, quality parts, and latest equipment. We’ve been building strong customer relationships in King County since 1991. We’ve built a reputation for friendly service and quality repair. We stand behind that reputation with customer-focused policies. A 3 Year/36,000 warranty backs up our confidence in the quality of our work. Whether your suspension system is affecting your wheel alignment with uneven tire wear, you need new shocks or struts, or you simply hit a bump in the road and think something doesn’t feel quite right, we care about you and your car. The satisfaction of our customers long after they’ve left our shop matters to us. Our policies make it clear that we value the long-term satisfaction of every driver who walks through our doors. Come see us at 4725 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA 98002 to experience hometown friendliness and expert suspension service. We’ll have you back on the road quickly and keep your vehicle in top working order.

Friendly and Professional Service

A top-quality automotive repair shop offers more than reliable work. The best results come from long-term customer relationships. Patterns in maintenance and repair are easier to notice when you visit the same mechanic regularly. If you notice your vehicle is hard to steer, one side of the vehicle is sitting lower, or your shock absorbers look greasy, let us help keep your suspension in peak repair. Our team genuinely cares about each customer. That level of investment means world-class service for our customers. Let our dedicated team of highly-experienced professional technicians develop a customized suspension maintenance schedule for you. Once you experience the difference that friendly and attentive professional service makes, you’ll never accept less again. Our customers know that Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic offers individualized attention that is second to none. We’ve been raising the bar for automotive service in King County for more than thirty years. You’ll see firsthand the difference that expertise, experience, and customer-focused care can make when you trust your suspension to our friendly and professional team.

Top Quality Auto Repair by ASE Certified Technicians

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