Five Signs of a Transmission Solenoid Problem and What to Do Next

Visit Your Local Auto Repair Shop When the Check Engine Light Comes On Most manual transmissions don’t have a transmission solenoid. However, automatic transmissions rely on them to facilitate gear changes. So, why should you care about a transmission solenoid? If you want a smooth, hassle-free ride without the problems of a costly transmission repair, […]

Eight Signs You May Need Auto Repair Services

Where Do I Go for Auto Repair Service? Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic! Doctor, dentist, realtor, stockbroker, what do these all have in common? They probably have a prominent place in your contact list. What about an auto repair shop? Most people overlook this key contact until it’s too late and you’re stranded on the side […]

Save Money and Time with Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes

Skipping Oil Changes Shortens the Life of Your Car If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, motor oil is the lifeblood. It keeps your engine running smoothly. As it circulates, motor oil helps lubricate components while dissipating heat away from the engine compartment. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle begins to wear down […]

The Different Types of Motor Oil

Regular car maintenance is the first step to ensuring that your vehicle always runs smoothly. However, one of the car maintenance routines that often falls between the cracks for automobile owners is routine oil changes. Whether it gets lost in the shuffle of life or it is just not something that you feel like doing, […]

What is a Wheel Alignment and How Does Misalignment Occur?

Wheel or tire alignment ensures your tires operate at their maximum capacity and prevents premature wear. Yet, driving your car every day can make maintaining your car’s wheels slightly more complicated. Whether it’s due to poor driving behavior or environmental factors, it’s easier than you might think for your car’s wheels to become misaligned. In […]

Choosing a Career in Auto Repair

Are you interested in a career in the automotive industry? If so, you’ve picked the right industry because the auto repair business has a job for everyone. Whether you’re somebody who likes to work with your hands and resolve problems quickly or if you prefer something somewhat more analytical, there is something for everybody in […]

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Make Sure Your Car is Running It’s Best When a vehicle’s wheels are in proper alignment, the vehicle drives smoothly and handles well. When wheels go out of alignment, performance and handling are generally negatively affected. If you’re having trouble steering your car, you may have alignment issues that need to be addressed. Here are […]

The Check Engine Light: Most Common Causes

What To Do When THAT Light Comes On Few automotive issues frustrate drivers as much as the check engine light. As tempting as it is to ignore this warning, doing so can lead to serious damage to your vehicle and costly car repairs down the road. What are some reasons your light may come on? […]

Why You Need Oil Changes

Don’t Skip This Service! Do you want your car to last as long as possible? Get oil changes! While it really is that simple, we understand that smart vehicle owners want to know why their car needs certain services. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington is happy to answer that question. There are plenty […]

Wheel Alignment Technology

How We Fix Misalignment If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your car when you send it in for service, this post is for you! Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington invests in top equipment to provide fast and accurate wheel alignments. We use this state-of-the-art technology to assess your vehicle’s current alignment and […]