Wheel Alignment Technology

How We Fix Misalignment

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your car when you send it in for service, this post is for you! Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington invests in top equipment to provide fast and accurate wheel alignments. We use this state-of-the-art technology to assess your vehicle’s current alignment and return it to original factory geometry. Here’s how we use technology to conduct high-quality alignment corrections.

Test Drive & Inspection

Alignment problems can be detrimental for your vehicle, that’s why our technicians take wheel alignment very seriously. Before beginning service, we test drive the vehicle to see what’s going on. If we notice issues with handling, we’ll have a good idea of what problems to look for.

We also thoroughly inspect each car for damage to the suspension, tires, and wheels and perform repairs before moving forward. Broken springs in the suspension system are not an uncommon cause for bad alignment. Cars that have poor alignment are susceptible to rapid tire wear, which is why our technicians inspect them before sending the car back on the road.

Check Tire Pressure

Flat tires can strongly impact a vehicle’s safety and handling. We check tire pressure before wheel alignment service and make any necessary adjustments to rule out low air pressure as a cause of poor performance.

Wheel Alignment Machines

There are a few kinds of alignment machines available in the industry, but a common one used by most professionals clamps onto the wheels. Our technicians use computers in the machine to accurately measure and adjust the wheels’ positions to restore perfect alignment. We follow the specifications given by manufacturers when adjusting the suspension areas -- toe, camber, caster, and thrust.

Another type of alignment tool hooks up to the car’s computer monitoring system and measures the steering angle sensor. Using that information, our technicians can make adjustments back to the car’s optimal configuration.

Schedule Service

Does your car need professional wheel alignment service? Now that you understand how Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, Washington gets the job done, you can schedule your next visit with us! Get your vehicle the accurate corrections it needs to continue performing its best. We guarantee fast, reliable results!

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