Wheel Alignment in Auburn, WA

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Precision Alignment Equipment

Your vehicle’s wheels are always susceptible to misalignment from normal road travel. As soon as you drove it off the dealer’s lot, the constant wear-and-tear started to take its toll. Your driving habits will play a part in how soon you will need a wheel alignment repair. Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic in Auburn, WA has the advanced alignment equipment that will restore your straight driving to exacting standards. Continue driving the way your vehicle was intended to drive, as safely as possible. The early warning signs that you need a wheel alignment service is the slight drifting to the right or left when you’re driving down the road. Many times, drivers will not notice this drifting because they adjust their steering to compensate with noticing. Loosen your grip on the steering wheel and your vehicle will drift like it has a mind of its own when there’s a misalignment. Stop by Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic as soon as you notice an alignment issue.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Tire Tread

The sooner you come to us, the better chance you’ll have of preserving your tires. This is the second most common symptom of a wheel alignment need. Before taking your vehicle out for a spin, do a quick walk-around inspection of your tires. If they’re wearing unevenly, meaning one side of the tire tread is balding while the other is full of tread, you are in serious need of an alignment. Sometimes the misaligned wheels can be caused by minor and major impacts on the road. Driving your vehicle with a wheel alignment repair need is not only dangerous, but it can become expensive. Your balding tires will be more susceptible to puncture and unable to grip the road. Replacing them before you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of them is costly. Running into a pothole or a curb can do obvious damage and subtle damage to the wheel alignment. Even if you don’t notice the misalignment right away, it’s probably a good idea to stop by Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic because the process can be sped up by these minor collisions.

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Get your car back to its original condition with a wheel alignment repair service from Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic. Our team of ASE Certified technicians is well-trained and highly qualified at using the most advanced alignment equipment on all makes and models. If you suspect that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, don’t hesitate to stop by our facility for a quick but thorough wheel inspection. Drive away from our repair shop behind the wheel of a vehicle with precision alignment. This area’s best wheel alignment repair service can be found at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic. Our professional technicians and our sophisticated equipment are anxiously waiting for your arrival and your phone call to our shop at (253) 850-1538. You can also schedule your wheel alignment by using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area–4725 Auburn Way North–with an alignment need, feel free to stop by. We’ll have you in and out in no time. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers.