The Different Types of Motor Oil

Regular car maintenance is the first step to ensuring that your vehicle always runs smoothly. However, one of the car maintenance routines that often falls between the cracks for automobile owners is routine oil changes. Whether it gets lost in the shuffle of life or it is just not something that you feel like doing, it is tempting to put off changing the oil in your car.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the types of motor oil that are out there and what benefits they have for your car, truck, or SUV. If you live in Auburn, Washington, and you’re looking for an auto shop that can provide you with quality oil changes, come see us at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic today.

The Various Types of Motor Oil

If you have ever tried to change your vehicle's oil yourself, you understand how hard it can be to get the right kind of oil for your car, truck, or SUV. With the various types of brands, quantities, and variants, the entire oil change process can be very confusing. However, we are going to break down the different types of motor oil to simplify things for you as much as possible.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the most typical kind of motor oil. The most crucial advantage of traditional oil is its budget-friendly price.

Full-Synthetic Oil

Synthetic engine oil is far more consistent than conventional oil, as it is more refined, thus being a better choice for your car's engine. While it is more expensive than conventional oil, synthetic motor oil lasts longer and lets you drive your vehicle for more extended periods before needing another oil change.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil is a blend of traditional and synthetic oil to capture the advantages of both types of oil. Synthetic blend oil provides not only better protection and performance than conventional and full-synthetic oil, but it is also less costly.

High-Mileage Oil

Lastly, when a car starts to reach old age in terms of mileage, it requires extra protection to lower the probability of engine wear. High-mileage oil is intended to help better protect your car’s engine and enhance its overall performance.

Whether your car is new or has thousands of miles, you can trust our professional auto repair experts to provide excellent care and maintenance for your car, truck, or SUV during each oil change service. Come see us at Dave’s Valley Auto Clinic today, conveniently located for the community of Auburn, Washington for your next oil change.

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